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Well, I remember seeing MF at Mount Paran COG back when it was Airborne Ministries (late 70’s/early 80ish) with parachutes all over the ceiling.  I had just turned 16 years old when we stumbled into the gymnasium.  What an incredible experience.  Huge countdown on the video screen and they simply cranked into my most memorable song…FREEDOM!   Talking about being the epicenter of Christian Contemporary Movement, Mylon was shaking the East Coast.   

I must have seen these guys a 100 times over the years.  You have folks like Stan Coates, John Hampton, Dean (mega vortex steel string maestro) Harrington and Kenny Bentley (who was quite a bass player’s inspiration).  It was truly divine intervention being my evening hours diversion centered around a Mylon LeFevre Concert with biblical plugs in between wide open rocking songs as a teenager.  Music is a powerful delivery system and MF’s cut deep into many lives sewing tons of mustard seeds.  Bunch of Jesus Freaks (HA)!

-David Brown


I have a bit of a different perspective on Mylon and Broken Heart.  I was one of the youth ministers at Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta when Mylon made Jesus his Lord back in 1980.  I was also the staff member responsible for the Family Life Center there.  So when Dr. Walker gave Mylon a job as a janitor at the Family Life Center so he could hang out there during the day instead of hanging with some of his old crowd I was actually his boss.  I know that Mylon loves to tell the story about his time as a janitor, but if the truth were told he wasn’t a very good janitor…
It was there that Mylon met Dean Harrington, who had been my roommate for a number of years, and who was playing with The Gathering Ground Band for our youth meetings there.  Mylon started jamming with those guys, and they eventually became Mylon’s first Christian rock band.  There was Dean, Mike Milsaps, Kim Klaudt, Don Woods, and Mike Adams.  Back then they were known as Air Born and they played every Monday night in the gym.  Clay Burdette and I were actually the ones who hung all of the big parachutes in the gym to cut down on the reverberation of Mylon’s music.  I remember Mylon’s first live in the gym after he left secular rock and roll.  The place was packed with a lot of people from the Atlanta music scene who wanted to see what Mylon was doing.  For that first concert Mylon and all of the band members came out in these really spacey astronaut outfits.  When they started playing every Monday at the gym, honing their act before they hit the big time, I got to do the “Countdown to Blastoff” before every concert, and I can even say that I was a member of Mylon’s first Christian rock band.  There was a song they did…..”Gonna be there, gonna meet Him in the air and be Air Born!”……that had an air raid siren solo in the middle of it.  For 15 seconds I jumped up on stage and cranked up the air raid siren!
I remember when Mylon was ready to release Brand New Start and start to tour again.  He ran into a problem because the name Air Born was licensed to a competitor at the time to UPS and FedEx, and it would cost too much to buy them out for the name.  We used to have a Bible study with Mylon and the band and the youth staff at Mount Paran each week.  About that time Mylon came in excited about something new in the Word he had found that he thought was just “killer”.  It was the verse where it says that God will not despise a broken and humble heart.  I believe that was the seed that God planted in Mylon’s heart that grew into the ministry of Broken Heart.
During those first few years as Mylon’s mind and body were being renewed from the years of drugs and the rock and roll lifestyle he had lived he was still on what we used to call MST, or Mylon Standard Time.  He was used to staying up all night and sleeping most of the day.  During that time I would sometimes drive to Mylon’s house around midnight because I knew he would be up and might want to have someone to hang out with.  I remember one night we were just hanging out and Mylon went into a lot of detail telling me about his life growing up, how he got into rock and roll, and what those years had been like.  I had known bits and pieces of his testimony, but this time I got the whole picture.  What surprised me was how much I related to the feelings and struggles he was sharing with me, even though my life had been nothing like his on the surface.
I left Mylon’s house about 3 in the morning and was driving home on the interstate thinking about everything he had shared with me…..what it had been like for him all those years.  Out of nowhere a thought came to me……and then another one.  They were thoughts about what he had just shared with me, and I knew I had to write them down and share them with him.  I knew that if I didn’t write them down right then I might not remember them, so I pulled off on the side of the interstate, found a pen and an old Wendy’s paper bag (Don’t ask me why it was still in the car!), and wrote the two thoughts down that seemed to capture what Mylon had felt all those years.

 “My mind has been a battlefield where many wars were fought.  My soul has been a marketplace where others sold and bought.”

When I got home the rest of the two verses just flowed out.  They were literally written as fast as I could write…..they were just there.  The next time I saw Mylon I gave him the two verses.  I didn’t think of them as a song.  They were just a poem about Mylon and what the Lord had done in his life.  You can imagine my surprise a few week later when Mylon told me I was now a songwriter and he was recording my song on the “More” album.
So, I was there at the beginning and have followed Mylon’s life ever since.  I even had Mylon’s daughter, Summer, in my middle school discipleship group – The White Horse Riders.  Through it all I can say that Mylon is without a doubt one of the most uniquely called servants of God that I have ever known or seen.  It has been truly awesome to watch God’s good and perfect plan for his life unfold, first through his rock and roll ministry and then through his ministry as an anointed minister of the Word of God.  I had the opportunity to see and hear Mylon for the first time in 7 years last week at a church north of Atlanta, and he just continues to grow in the Lord.  I thought his rock and roll ministry was powerful, but those were just lyrics that Mylon wrote about what God had done and was doing in his life back then.   Now I was hearing Mylon talking about the very words of God Himself and how alive they were today, and his message was more powerful than the most rocking song that Mylon and Broken Heart ever played.  His stage is bigger now.  God has continued to call Mylon to the special plans that He began in him back in 1980, and the plans just keep getting bigger.  I marveled at the ministry of Broken Heart in the 80s and early 90s.  I am in awe of Mylon’s ministry of the Word of God now.  I used to say, “Rock on, Mylon!”  Now I have to say, “Preach it, Brother!”
Your brother and friend…..forever… Christ!
Bill Harris


I’ve been following Mylon since I was 19 (I’m 62 now!). I saw him perform first at nearby DeKalb Community College (Clarkston GA) during a ‘Spring Fling’. I loved his message and Testimony that day. I fell to my knees during the show (my Friend thought I was going crazy). I found out his Church was Mt. Paran Church of God, where I attended service there a few times. I ran into him one day in the Church’s library! They had some of his preaching/talks on cassettes there, and he saw me picking some out, and he asked me some questions about my interest in him. I blabbered on about my entire life to date. And then he said, ‘Let’s pray together’. And I haven’t been the same since. I bought all his Studio albums on cassette and the CD. Went a few times to the Broken heart studios in Marietta. And he’s always approached me, if he sees me, and we talk to Jesus together. He invited me to his huge home in Atlanta once, and I drove down the driveway but somebody told me he had been called away for something.  But that was OK. You know just being near his home just brought such peace around me!

I’ve had some ‘hic ups’ in my Spiritual walk, more often than not, in my life. But Jesus always takes me back. During one ‘troublesome day’ I just decided to listen to some of Mylon’s

Music in my car . In particular – ‘For My growing’ and it enlightened me so much, that I just broke down and cried to Jesus asking simply that throughout the day that he place in me the best understanding of his will for me. On the drive home I was never at so much peace in my life. And I remember Mylon telling me to keep my nose in the Bible. I truly believe Mylon’s Music and teachings lift me up and very often are an unshakable foundation for my walk with Jesus. Even today, sometimes when I stray,  and I can’t wait for that experience again, and get no definite indication I actually repeat this measure (Listening to Mylon) several times.

I’ve seen EVERY Mylon and/or Broken Heart Concert he has played in Atlanta. I make an effort to go see Mylon preach every time he is near me in the Georgia area and sometimes I’ll go to nearby South Eastern States. Thank you Mylon for being a part in my walk and my talk with Jesus… and you don’t even know it. 

Your’s In Jesus,

Warren Hewetson (Actually a Contributor to this Site. Album Artwork)

Atlanta GA

**That's correct, Warren has sent me some scans on some of Mylon's hard to find LP's. You can see his work in the cover scans page. Thanks so much for your contribution brother. You are really appreciated!



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