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A note from Mylon:


My friend Bill has done a great job on this website.  I recently read all the comments posted here and I was deeply touched and blessed to be reminded that we weren’t wasting our time.  It is wonderful to know that lives are truly being changed by the magnificent truths of the word of God.  Thank you for all your kind words.  I truly love and appreciate you.  May the blessings of God overtake you today!


Your brother in Christ,



Please visit us at

Great Web page you have! I came back to the Lord in 1982 after many years of playing in the night club scene, Mylon's music was among the first I discovered to be more than just traditional. I watched a Christian TV program with several Christian musicians, including Mylon, being interviewed about their music. I was amazed when Mylon was given the opportunity to share how he only wanted to talk about Jesus and by the way the only one with his Bible in hand.

I was impressed with the sincerity of his testimony and knew I wanted to pattern my ministry with the same honesty and conviction that Mylon demonstrated toward the Lord. He paved the way for Christian musicians to use their music as a platform to preach the message of Christ. I later had the priviledge of hosting he and Christi in our town of Roanoke, Va. where Mylon ministered the word and song. Since that time we have become friends and he continues to mentor me in my ministry today.

Thank you for creating this web site as a tribute to a great man of God and thanks be to God for creating the minister Mylon Lefevre!
Your brother in Christ,
Dave Carroll: Dave Carroll Ministries


I saw them (Mylon and Broken Heart) live in concert twice. I got to meet him both times. My Mother: Judy Johnson knows Mylon, she was raised up knowing him and the LeFevres. They called Ola Mae LeFevre, Mylons Mother there Ma because on the road she raised them. Mother & her three sisters: Margaret, Mary & Anna from the time they were little girls till I was about 12 years of age were the "Johnson Sisters Quartet", they released around 10 albums under "Sing Records" and was members of, sang, tour and recorded albums with "The Gospel Singing Caravan" on the same label threw out the 50's and 60's and were very popular in Southern Gospel.
The Caravan also had a TV show that came on every Sunday, I can remember seeing them on the tube, were they had a solo spot. They also appeared every week on "The Earnest Tubb Show" were they also had a solo spot. So I was around the music so much, in and out of studios, them on the road all the time. One day in 1989 when they were doing the "Face The Music Tour" she noticed in the paper that he was coming. She contacted him and he reserved tickets to the show. We went to that show and it was really good. I got to meet him after the show, he is a really cool guy. I saw him the following year on the "Big World Tour" 1990 and met him again.  If you have contact with him, let him read this and he will remember "The Johnson Sisters".
Daniel Johnson
Quinton, AL

Hello. My brother, Scott Allen, was with Mylon from the beginning of Broken Heart. I have seen the band probably well over 100 times - they still rock.  Scott and his family live in Texas, work for Ken Copeland Ministries, and produced Mylons new album. Mylon has been a friend of our family for many years and is as real and sensitive as he appears. Keep up the good work.

Steve Allen
Oxford, Michigan

WOW! What a trip back in time this website has brought me through!  I have also attended quite a few Mylon concerts and have been blessed at each one.

I was 13 years old when I purchased my first Mylon record - More Like Jesus was my very favorite song from that one.  It was the first time in my life that I opened up to Jesus and worshipped Him with my whole heart - while I listened to that song performed in concert at the Palace Theater in Jamestown,NY. From that time on , I was huge fan of Mylon's.  He ministered to me like no other musician had ever or since ever done.

I distinctly remember when I was about 15 years old, Mylon and Broken Heart were going to perform in Warren,PA, not too far from where I lived.  My parents said that I could attend the concert if I could get the tickets myself.  I had found out about the concert too late to really earn the money for the tickets myself, but a local Christian radio station was giving tickets away if you were the third (or whatever ) caller.  I got down on my knees, by my bed, and prayed to God that I would win those tickets.  I had this real peace about it, and as soon as my call came through,  they pronounced me the winner!  That concert was very special to me, because I was blessed to meet Mylon.  It truly was a gift from God.  Although I happen to love each and every one of his albums, Sheep In Wolves Clothing will always remain my favorite.  That album was very popular when I started youth group at my church.  It not only touches my heart, but also brings back some wonderful memories.  I love Mylon and thank you for allowing me to share some memories I will always cherish. God Bless!   

 Kim Reed
 Jamestown , NY

Mylon came to Winston-Salem, NC some years ago to do a concert. I was a DJ at a local Christian radio station that co-sponsored the event.  Another DJ at our station was scheduled to be in the hospital at that same time. She was very disappointed to miss the concert because Mylon LeFevre was one of her favorite Christian artists.  She had never met him or been to one of his concerts, and she was looking forward to this opportunity.  I decided to notify Mylon and suggest that he might call or send a message to her hospital room.  He did much more than that.  After the concert, he visited her in the hospital.  She was thrilled!

Tony McCanless


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