Mylon LeFevre
1983 - Myrrh
MSB 6753
Kenny Bentley: Bass, Vocals
Stan Coates: Songwriter, Keyboards, Vocals
Wally Duguid: Engineer
Will Eggleston: Engineer
Carol Ford: Background Vocals
Vanessa Ford: Background Vocals
Nelly Greisen: Background Vocals
Gary Ham: Engineer
John Hampton: Drums, Percussion
Joe Hardy: Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Background Vocals
Dean Harrington: Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Synthesizers, Vocals
Annie Herring: Background Vocals
Ben Hewitt: Drums, Percussion
Jack Holder: Background Vocals
Tim HuffmanSongwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Jimi Jamison: Background Vocals
Phil Keaggy: Lead Guitar
Mylon LeFevre: Producer, Songwriter, Guitar, Vocals
Ann LeFevre: Songwriter
Kerry Livgren: Emulator
Bill Morris: Songwriter
Charlotte Reed: Background Vocals
Eveleaner SmithBackground Vocals
Jaquelyn Street: Background Vocals
Valarie Street: Background Vocals
Angela Street: Background Vocals
John David Teems: Songwriter
Matthew Ward: Vocals
Ed Zimmerman: Congas, Bongos


  1. Givers And Takers
  2. The Power
  3. It's Almost Over
  4. Coming Back Again
  5. Free Man
  6. My Heart Belongs To Him
  7. More (Of Jesus)
  8. Children Of The King
  9. Praise Hymn
  10. The Gift

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