crank it up
Mylon LeFevre
1990 - StarSong
SSD 8145
Scott Allen: Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Trent Argante: Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals
Kenny Bentley: Bass, Vocals
Jeff Brugger: Engineer
Kurt Bush: Engineer
Russ Fowler: Engineer
Tag George: Engineer
Michael Gleason: Background Vocals
John Hampton: Percussion
Joe Hardy: Producer, Engineer, Mixed, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Keyboard Programming
Ben Hewitt: Songwriter, Drums
Ricky Keller: Engineer
Sonny Lallerstedt: Engineer, Guitar
Mylon LeFevre: Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Scott Meeder: Drum Programming
Joe Neal: Engineer
Todd Nystrom: Saxophone
Marshall Pratt: Keyboards, Vocals
Cheryl Rogers: Producer, Keyboards, Programming
Larry Rust: Engineer
James Taylor: Songwriter
Oliver Wells: Keyboards
Stutz Wimmer: Saxophone



  1. Crank It Up
  2. Denomination Demolition
  3. New Attitude
  4. Letter From the Front
  5. Give It Away
  6. Shower The People
  7. Dancing In The Light
  8. Heaven
  9. World Changer
  10. Going Home

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