Mylon LeFevre
2003 - Angel Band Music

Scott Allen: Producer, Songwriter, Guitars, Vocals, Mix, Keyboards/Programming
Win Kutz: Mix
Rob Wirtz: Engineering, Editing
Joey Holder: Engineering
Peter Furler: Executive Producer on "Dream"
Dan Rudin: Remix of "Dream"
Jim Delong: Drums overdubs
George Sandler: Percussion
Paul Chapman: Bass, Synth Bass
Jackie Street: Bass
Sal Oliveri: Keyboards/Programming
Larry Rust: Keyboards/Programming
Joey Holder: Keyboards/Programming, Vocals
John Lawry: B3
Sonny Lallerstedt: Guitars
Tommy Kramer: Guitars
Tim Calhoun: Guitars
Mylon LeFevre: Producer, Songwriter, Vocals
Herb Moon: Vocals
Michael Gleason: Vocals
Taj Harmon: Vocals
World Changers Int'l Ministries Choir on "Bow Down"
Recorded at:
-Angel Band Studios -Atlanta, GA
-Eagle Mountain Recording Studio -Newark, TX
"Dream" remixed by Dan Rudin at Bridge St Studio, Franklin, TN




  1. Dream
  2. Fly
  3. Do not be Anxious
  4. Bow Down
  5. You Comfort Me
  6. River in The Desert
  7. Mighty God
  8. I Will Wait
  9. I Sing My Praise To You
  10. Benediction