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At you will find a collection of information about Mylon LeFevre; anything from pictures, articles, interviews, music and more. One of my favorite parts is the memories section where people have submitted their words of appreciation for Mylon and his ministry. If you would like to submit a thought or a memory just email me.

Though his Mylon & Broken Heart Days are behind him, I thought I would make a site dedicated to him for nostalgic purposes but also to let you know what he's doing presently. Mylon's life story; his love for God and people are a real inspiration to so many people. I have really appreciated his friendship and the encouragement he has given me over the years.

Mylon's photo filled autobiography entitled Live Forever came out in 2013. He writes about his humble beginnings as Georgia boy who became a lonely, troubled youth and used music to express himself. He tells about his meeting with Elvis Presley when he was just 17 years of age and how having Elvis record one of his songs would open the doors to stadiums, arenas, movies and TV.  

Mylon's world would change significantly for him through the last half of the sixties and as his fame grew it led to a decade of sex, drugs and rock'n'roll. In spite of the celebrity life and getting high with the biggest names in rock, he would battle depression and loneliness until he finally found what he had been truly searching for in his life.... Almighty God. So real was his spiritual experience that he was willing to walk away from his entire music career, money, royalties and all!

The message in this book is about hope and restoration through Jesus Christ! Mylon found a merciful God who has restored his life and has given him hope and purpose.

Mylon and Christi giving out copies of Live Forever to female inmates at a women's prison in Gatesville, TX.

The book includes over 100 photos and lyrics to 15 songs. To get more details or to order the book, please click below:


Without Him is the new release of Live Forever. This small paperback version has a new color cover and is 6x8 inches and 1/2 inch thick.

This is Mylon's story, in its entirety, for the first time in print, with over 100 photos, and lyrics to 15 of his most popular songs. You can purchase it from

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On the Road to Freedom

With Church on the Run you have 365 daily digital devotionals with Mylon and Christi.

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The app has up to date videos from Church On The Run, Mylon & Christi's itinerary and more.

Mylon ministering at Women's prison in Gatesville, TX





Mylon's Testimony

You can order a 2 CD set. Mylon shares his compelling life story and what the Lord has done in his life.  Available through Mylon's website to order.


California, March 2015