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David Brown
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with Bill Gaither 2013


The Hankle's

Jim Hankle posted a memory in the memories section

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Concert Footage

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Bow Down CD

Mylon's latest music release is called Bow Down. It is an excellent CD with very contemplative and worshipful lyrics. Visit to order this CD.

At Graceland 2013


Summerfest WA 1985
Huntley Street Canada

Mylon at Hutchins State Prison

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At you will find a collection of information about Mylon LeFevre; anything from pictures, articles, interviews, music and more. One of my favorite parts is the memories section where people have submitted their words of appreciation for Mylon and his ministry. If you would like to submit a thought or a memory just email me.

Though his Mylon & Broken Heart Days are behind him, I thought I would make a site dedicated to him for nostalgic purposes but also to let you know what he's doing presently. Mylon's life story and his love for God and people are a real inspiration to so many people.

Mylon's autobiographical book entitled Live Forever came out in 2013. To any die hard Mylon and Broken Heart fan from back in the early 1980's, you will be familiar with that title from their only live album done in 1982.

In this book you will see Mylon's personality, his humor, heart, soul and spirit displayed throughout.... oh and you will LAUGH too!  Mylon shares about his life from his humble beginnings, his years of fame and how he finally found what he had been looking for all his life.... JESUS. From that point on Mylon would sing for the King of Kings.

But the story certainly doesn't end there. There is much more to Mylon's life that would happen and it would eventually lead to a new calling... a preacher. This book will inspire you to grow in your faith.

The book is full of high quality pictures from every part of Mylon's life. I highly recommend that you get a copy of it.

Pictured below is Mylon and Christi giving out copies of Live Forever to female inmates at a womens prison in Gatesville, TX.

To get more details or to order the book, please click below:


Mylon LeFevre is on Facebook. It is a great place to stay up to date with what Mylon and Christi are doing. You'll find photo's, videos, status updates (of course) and also great daily video devotionals called "Church on the Run." These videos cover a vast array of topics and the videos are shot in many different locations.  So be sure to look these up while checking out Mylon's Facebook page.

Mylon LeFevre Ministries website and his facebook  page are excellent ways to stay up to date with Mylon and his ministry. 

Mylon has over 100 videos on his YouTube Channel. You can watch music videos from the 80's, more recent teachings and his current devotional project called "Church on the Run."

Mylon & Christi

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The app has up to date videos from Church On The Run, Mylon's itinerary and so much more. Download it today!


Mylon ministering at Women's prison in Gatesville, TX





Look What the Lord has Done.....

You can order a 2 CD series about Mylon's powerful testimony and what the Lord has done in his life. Click here to visit Mylon's website to order